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Afternoon in Cambridge

When a local guide suggested that we forgo a day in London for one in Cambridge, I had to question his sanity. Would it really be worth delaying our arrival in London, that great city with its endless sights and experiences?

Alnwick Castle & York, England

England. How can I describe the feeling of crossing your borders for the first time, of stepping over the threshold of "this royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle [...] This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England"? Perhaps Shakespeare best summed up the grandeur of it in that quote from Richard II (Act II, scene i). All I know is that when we crossed the English-Scottish border, I hadn't been so excited to arrive somewhere since my first trip abroad to Barcelona, Spain. 

Scottish Highlands

When planning a trip to Europe, I think there is this common misconception that we should spend all our time exploring the major cities. Of course, nobody wants to miss a moment in London, Paris, or Rome, and while these cities are glorious, there is so much to see and do in the countryside as well. I have fond memories of my first trips to France and Italy, when I visited the country regions of Provence and Tuscany.

So with the splendors of country life in mind, we packed our bags and left Edinburgh for the Scottish Highlands. Narrow highways and village roads took us past fields of barley, bright-yellow rapeseed, and grazing cows.

Edinburgh's New Town

On day two of our UK + Ireland road trip, we left our hotel in Dundee, Scotland and took the scenic route to Edinburgh. One of our stops along the way was the historic golf course in St. Andrew's, which I recommend, even if you're a non-golfer like myself, for it's dramatic coastal views.

Edinburgh and the Royal Mile

After a long day of travel, the plane finally touched down in Edinburgh. I couldn't have been more elated to get outside and into the cool, fresh air. Even parking lots seem picturesque when you've been crammed in an airplane for fourteen hours (so worth it though).

Road Trip: United Kingdom + Ireland

Twelve days, four countries, a million memories... 

I am so excited to share the details of my road trip through the UK and Ireland! Join me here this summer as I talk about my adventures in Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland.