Afternoon in Cambridge

When a local guide suggested that we forgo a day in London for one in Cambridge, I had to question his sanity. Would it really be worth delaying our arrival in London, that great city with its endless sights and experiences?

Missed time in London aside, Cambridge ended up being an incredible stop on our UK + Ireland road trip. When we arrived, we parked near Fellow's Garden and followed Garret Hostel Lane over the River Cam and inside the city gates. We stopped at the King's Parade area near Great St. Mary's Church and King's College Chapel (above) to gather our thoughts and check our maps before venturing out into the city. This location makes a good starting point for a self-guided walking tour.Since many of the colleges were closed for the exam period, we didn't get to go inside. We passed the time we would have spent doing that strolling through the heart of Cambridge, checking out shops and restaurants. One thing that struck me about Cambridge was the juxtaposition of old and new. The city is made up of historic colleges and other medieval architecture, but it's inhabited by a young population, primarily university students. 
There is so much to see in Cambridge, but as in any other college town, watch out for bicyclists! I was nearly mowed down at the intersection above when I stopped to take a photo on what I thought was a safe plot of sidewalk for pedestrians.

Until next time, Cambridge.